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Urban Leaving to Country Living

The View from My Window: Early December 2016


The last day of November was beautiful with our first major snow, heavy & fluffy and clinging to to branches. December 1st was a bleak, chill day with a rain-like snow that the photo didn’t capture.

iew from window 2016-12-01 photo 1-view 2016-12-01_zps7bnpj2x4.jpg

The Weather Network was telling me it was 3C (37F) with no precipitation but it was snowing, I tell you!

So dreary.

What do you see where you are?


The View from My Window: Early November 2016


I was wrong about all the leaves being gone by now. On sunny days (becoming fewer after a beautiful October), there’s still some gold in them thar hills.

view from window 2 nov 2016 photo view early nov 2016_zpsoszvmnr3.jpg

I expect to see a drastic difference–and little evidence of life–by the end of the month.

What do you see where you are?


The View from my Window: Early October 2016


Last week when I made the trip to town I saw only a branch or two turned colour. This week, entire hillsides are red and gold. The trees I see from my window are late performers, I guess, although the green they’re wearing is looking mighty tired. Even the sky looks washed out.

View from my window Oct 2016 photo 2016 Oct_zpshuu9a7xf.jpg

The afternoon shadows are so long so early!

By the first of November, I expect the leaves to be gone, so you’ll likely miss the colour show.

What do you see where you are?


The View from My Window: Early September 2016


We were on a road trip to Ontario during the last week of August, so I missed getting my end-of-August photo. Here’s one from earlier this week.

View from my Window Sep2016 photo view early sep 2016 450_zpsoqhbsjyg.jpg

I’ve heard dozens of flocks of geese pass overhead since we’ve been home. Flying south for the winter. Already.

Autumn is creeping in even though it’s been hot and humid (very UN-Nova-Scotia-like) for the past few days.

Is the sky as blue where you are?


The View from my Window – 29Jul16


Time for the monthly update on the view from my office window.

The past three weeks have been sunny and hot, as many other places have been. It was beginning to look as if we would have a “mini-drought” but yesterday the clouds moved in:

View from my window jul16 photo IMG_3735 450_zpsss9syrtz.jpg

And then it rained – one of those beautiful summer rains that come straight down so that you can keep all the windows open and hear it drip from the eaves, and smell that wonderful warm-earth-meets-rain smell called (very unromantically) petrichor.

View from my window Jul16 rain photo IMG_3746 450_zpsm31irdph.jpg

It rained gently into the night. Today promises to be sunny and hot again – perfect for the beach!

How’s the weather where you are?;

The View from My Window – 30Jun16


Time for the monthly update on the view from my office window.

In the photo, there doesn’t seem to have been much change since the beginning of June. But when you’re here, you can tell that the wild roses in the circle garden are blooming, and everything is just fuller.

view from my window Jun16 photo Window June 2016 450_zpsq5supbzl.jpg

The weather in June was crummy for the first two weeks: cold and rainy. The rain pushed back the fence-building work which, in turn, pushed back the tree trimming. That pear tree in the foreground has got to go!

It’s been lovely since and all the rain and then the sun has made everything lush. This long holiday weekend promises to be sunny and hot – perfect beach weather.

How’s the weather where you are?;

The View from My Office Window – 02Jun16


In April I decided to post a view from my office window on the last Friday afternoon of each month.

I was half-way across the continent last Friday afternoon (the last one in May) so I’m posting a photo from today. I didn’t want you to miss seeing the “May Effect”.

View 16Jun02 photo IMG_3649 450_zpstjgpjlzr.jpg

Nova Scotia came alive over the past month!

It’s still too cold for the beach (9C/48F now, at 10am, and the forecasted high for today is 15C/59C) but it’s gorgeous for yard work (like pruning that pear tree). And the lilacs are just beginning to open!

How’s the weather where you are?

Friday Afternoon: The View from My Window 29Apr16


A few years ago, I ran a series of pictures with the view from my office window every Friday afternoon. I stopped because I thought there wasn’t enough change week to week to bear recording.

What I’ve decided to do now is to post a picture from the last Friday afternoon of each month. view from my window Friday 29Apr16 photo 2016-4-29 450_zpsuc993unr.jpg
We’ve had a milder winter than a lot of places but April has been cold and spring is still slow to come. I maintain that it’s only the first three weeks of May that are spring in Nova Scotia, anyway.

I’ll be in Ontario for a couple of weeks in May, so I’ll miss a lot of it. Buy–hey!–it’ll be summer when I come home!

And what a difference a day makes: this was yesterday.
view from my window Thursday photo 2016-4-28 450_zpsai9chbgi.jpg

How’s the weather where you are?

Thursday Afternoon: View from My Window 25Apr13


A year or so ago, I ran a series of pictures with the view from my office window every Friday afternoon. I stopped because I thought there wasn’t enough change week to week to bear recording.

What I’ve decided to do now is to post a picture from the last Friday afternoon of each month. Since tomorrow I have a Giveaway Hop post scheduled, I decided to start for April with this Thursday view.

It’s April in Nova Scotia. We’ve had a milder winter than a lot of places but spring is still slow to come. The tree in the right foreground is a pear. No buds. The trees at the end of the driveway are tamaracks. No buds. There’s a birch tree across the driveway. No buds.

But just you wait. May is coming – and May’s the month that summer comes to Nova Scotia. Be sure to check in for the May 31st photo!

Beautiful, Beautiful Rain


I’m sitting here by my office window drinking in the smells and sounds of the first rain in several weeks.

I remember learning the word petrichor several years ago. It’s said to be the only English noun that means a specific scent: that distinctively pleasant fragrance of rain falling on dry ground after a long, dry spell. This gorgeous word was coined by two Australian geologists, I. J. Bear and R. G. Thomas, in a 1964 article that appeared in the journal Nature.

Whatever it’s called, I’m loving it!

Rain 24Jul12

And the cat seems to be enjoying it too!

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Oh, Happy Day: Snow in April


Our late winter storm: I don’t think there’s quite the 15 cm (6 in) they forecast, but there’s sure the ice pellets mixed with it, as they warned.

late winter storm 08Apr12

The bright side is, it’s been too cold (expected of this season) for many buds to have appeared so nothing’s been ruined by last night’s weather activity.

Let me guess: warm & sunny where you are?

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Saturday Snapshot: Let It Snow


This is my first time participating in the Saturday Snapshot meme, hosted by Alyce of At Home With Books. Visit her blog to see more great photos or add your own.

snow on the treehouse 18Feb12

We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. The whole world seemed silent and clean. The tree house isn’t quite finished (and not quite in a tree anymore since a storm took it down).

What’s it like where you are?

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Friday Afternoon: The View from My Window 23Dec11


Pretty, isn’t it?

Friday afternoon 23Dec11

It’s been snowing lightly since before dawn – and it’s slippery out there!

Friday Afternoon: the View from My Window 16Dec11


Look how gray the sky is!

Friday afternoon 16Dec11

But for a few glorious minutes just before noon, the sun burst out from the clouds at the back of the house and made everything glow. You can see the shadow of the roof peak in the bottom right.

I’m so glad I captured this moment – have a wonderful weekend!

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The View from My Window: Friday 11Nov11


I know I’m a day late but I do have an explanation.

View from my window 11Nov11

Heavy rain started here in Nova Scotia about midnight Thursday and continued on until supper time Friday. In all, about 56 mm (just over 2 inches) came down in that time period. I took this photo Friday morning from my office window, thinking that the rain was benefiting the view: making the sere colours of November deepen and glow.

We had a dinner reservation with some friends in Halifax (about a two hour drive) and were amazed to see the water on the way: ditches running white water rapids, streams flowing through fields and down hillsides where there had been no streams a day earlier, standing water making hay fields resemble rice paddies, but the roads were fine even through Truro which sits on a flood plain at the end of the Bay of Fundy (highest tides in the world!)

Truro is located at the far right end of the water in this diagram (just off the map) – past where it says tides are 49 feet (15 m).

bay of fundy tides

Ah – but supper time was low tide. By the time we traveled home at 10 that evening, matters were different. We saw a car abandoned in the Sobey’s parking lot, water up to the middle of its doors. And we found all the access roads through & around Truro closed because of flooding, necessitating some quick thinking and back roads to get home.

None of my photos turned out because it was too dark – but trust me: what looks so benign in my front yard was anything but at high tide in Truro.

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Friday Afternoon – A View from My Window 16Sep11


Summer is fast drawing to a close & I realize that I’ve not shown you a full summer view from my window. (Oh, I wish I had a new camera!)

Mountain ash berries

Despite the warmish weather of the last couple of weeks, the grasses and trees are losing their vibrant summer green, so I thought I’d concentrate on the mountain ash tree in the front garden. It volunteered itself there about four years ago and this year, for the first time, displayed the glossy orange berries that characterize it. (And, yes, the sky is really is that blue.)

What a difference a day makes!

We spent yesterday afternoon at the beach but it rained all night and today it’s 13C/55F with a NW wind blowing at 60km/35mph that makes it feel much colder. But the sun is shining – which it’s supposed to do all weekend. Have a good one, wherever you are. I’ll be back with book-related posts next week.

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Friday Afternoon 03Jun11 – The View from Where I Am


When we came to Nova Scotia, I didn’t realize we were moving near the Cobequid Hills – one of the three mountain ranges here. All of these ranges are part of the Canadian Appalachians, which are an extension of the American mountain chain of the same name.

The Cobequid Hills run along Nova Scotia’s north shore from the Minas Basin to Antigonish, and contain the highest point on the mainland – 1200-foot Nuttby Mountain. (The “mainland” is Nova Scotia without Cape Breton Island.)

My doctor has prescribed walking for my arthritic back and so I try each day to take my dogs for a walk. One of my favorite spots is in the 70-acre hayfield behind our property. This morning was overcast and cool, and the view of the Hills at the back of the field was beautiful.

Cobequid hills,June 2011

I’m up to only 15 minutes of walking time, but if you’ve ever tried moving rubber boots through thigh-high grass, you’ll know it’s still a pretty good workout.

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Friday Afternoon 20May11 – A View from My Window


Okay, this week I cheated a bit and stepped outside the door to take this shot, but I’m so proud of my tulips.

I have huge gardens here but a couple of years ago I had surgery on my hand and spent the summer in a rehabilitation device that restricted all use. My gardens got away from me that year and I haven’t yet been able to get them back in control, so this show of non-weed color thrills me.

Friday afternoon,view from my office

Please ignore the lawn in the background. The constant rain has made it lush but has prevented us from cutting it as often as it needs.

P.S. If you don’t have tulips but want some, why not send yourself some?

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Friday afternoon 13May11 – A View from my Window


The garden in the middle of our front lawn is filled with wild rose bushes, which look sort of ratty this time of year. But the ground below is carpeted with daffodils–it’s a bumper crop of blooms this year.
Friday afternoon,view from my office

I picked some for the dining room table. There seems to be five different varieties: a golden yellow King Alfred type, a paler yellow similarly shaped variety, cream petals with an orange center, white petals with a yellow center, and a double yellow bloom (most of these are past their prime so there’s not many in the bouquet).


Which is your favorite?

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Don’t have daffodils in your garden? Send yourself some spring flowers. Here are some beautiful tulips.

Friday 08Apr11: The View from My Office – Sticks & Stones


Is spring really here? There’s only a few low clouds in a beautiful blue sky and although the temperature is only just above freezing, the sun is warming the earth.

Friday afternoon,view from my office

To the right, you can see the tamarack trees at the end of our drive. They are the only coniferous tree in Canada to lose their needles in the winter. I love them for it, although I’m glad that other species stay evergreen so we have some color during the winter months. No buds yet – but soon, soon!

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